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"The CIO's Best Friend"
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   How Can We Assist You
Systems Management Consulting Services
Our team of IT Management Consultants can analyze your IT management practices, uncover deficiencies and recommend effective solutions. We have extensive experience in project management, IT Operations, Security, Disaster/Business Continuity and Strategic Planning.
Implementation And User Training Services
Staffed with a team of highly qualified instructors who are effective in training our clients to maximize their benefits from our products. If you require after sales services, we can provide a wide variety of technical services based on your company's need.
Business Applications Development
Can't find a product that fits your business need? Our team of highly qualified Software Engineers could write a business application designed to fit to your specific requirements. Our staff has an average of  15 years experience in customized software development.
   Highest Levels of Service
Basilica Software Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality IT consulting service. Our goal is to ensure that you receive maximum value for your technology investments. All our consultants are fully experienced and are recognized in their fields of expertise.  Your satisfaction is our motivation to do an outstanding job. We want to be part of your success.

   Enterprise Solutions
Integrated Solutions is our area of expertise. Which means that we provide you solutions that can be easily integrated into your existing operation with minimum effort on your part. Our products also take advantage of relational database management system to integrate various data to maximize their usefulness, at the same time, minimizing, if not avoiding, duplication of data input. By integrating multiple functionalities into a single application system with a common interface and a centralized database accessible through industry standard web browsers, your organization immediately benefits from our user-friendly and cost-effective products. We apply this same principle to every single one of our customized products. This is why we are “The CIO’s Best Friend”.

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