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   Integrated Solutions For Your Business
A fully integrated end-to-end IT management solution that offers the functionalities needed to effectively run an IT organization. With this Integrated IT Management Solution, an organization can enjoy the following benefits:

CIOAdvisor™ clearly identifies the IT resources that each of your business unit uses, allowing the CIO or the IT Manager to control costs.
CIOAdvisor™ allows for a simplified, visual presentation of IT assets, ensuring better understanding of the state of your company’s valuable IT inventory.
CIOAdvisor™ provides the CIO with a direct understanding of the state of IT projects, avoiding miscommunication through project managers.
By dealing with only one software vendor, CIOAdvisor™ simplifies contract licenses and vendor relations.
CIOAdvisor™ tracks the status of problem calls, ensuring critical problems are addressed.
CIOAdvisor™ provides a summary view of applications running on servers, increasing the efficiency of hardware utilization.
CIOAdvisor™ provides details of running applications, enabling the CIO to understand what is going on.
CIOAdvisor™ keeps track of what employees are working on, allowing for optimal use of employee time.
CIOAdvisor™ provides accurate, up to the minute statistics, allowing immediate response to senior management inquiries.
CIOAdvisor™ allows the CIO to bypass IT managers to get information, reducing the danger of misdirection, miscommunication and minimizing unproductive time in meetings, phone calls or e-mails.
Charitable Donations and Activity Tracking System

Organizing and Ensuring Transparency Within Your Non-profit Group
CharityTracker is a web-based software and an online service developed by Basilica Software Corporation to help manage non-profit and charitable organizations which include cultural associations, societies, churches, foundations, sports clubs and other groups. The main purpose of the system is to provide the necessary features for maintaining information and ensuring transparency within the organization.

CharityTracker facilitates the key aspects of running your organization including:

Member Management - it serves as a repository of information about all the people involved in your group, their roles and assignments, and other organization related data.
Donor Management - keeps track of all those who have donated to the organization and provides a history of all their donations.
Beneficiary Management - keeps maintains information about those who have received and benefited from your organization. You can use this information to show those you have helped and where part of the proceeds you have raised have gone to.
Financial Tracking - this gives you the ability to track details about the funds you have raised such as those from donations and pledges from corporations and individuals,, money earned from the sale of items to raise funds, ticket sales and other proceeds. This feature is equally effective in recording expenses for projects, in the operation, promotion, and administration of your organization.
Project Management - is a simple tool that tracks your group's projects - all the tasks that must be accomplished, target dates, who are responsible, their status, amount raised and amount spent.Asset Management - tracks the inventory of everything your group owns, where they came from, where they are now located, how much they cost and who are accountable for their disposition.
Activity Calendar - what is happening where and when (meetings, picnics, fundraising car washes, etc.).
Reminders - facility to automatically remind all members of upcoming events, payments due, etc.
Communications - facilitates centralized recording of communications to and from various parties.
Information is Power: It Puts You in Control of Your Organization
With just a few clicks of their mouse, and because this system is an online service available via Internet connection, the directors, volunteers and members of your organization can login anytime they want and find out from anywhere they are, the following information:
  • Status of your projects
  • Schedule of events and activities
  • Proceeds raised from donations or from your fundraising projects
  • How much your group has spent and on what, where and when
  • Who made donations and contributions to your group
  • Who are your beneficiaries and how much they have received from your organization
  • All the assets including properties your organization has acquired and owned
  • History of communications from various parties
Transparency is the KEY!
In today's poor economic climate, there seems to be a lot more organizations raising and competing for funds for various causes. Those who donate to support charity are also now becoming more selective in who they give their money to. Funds and their sources are no longer easily available. And even though there are many good-hearted members of our society who volunteer their services to help others, it is also an unfortunate fact that there are many unscrupulous individuals who use charity to commit fraud. Recognizing this situation, government regulations have been changed to make organizations more accountable. Stringent guidelines have been established to ensure proceeds go where they are intended. It is, for this reason that your organization needs to maintain a good accounting of your proceeds and expenses – and this is what CharityTracker is all about. It is a tool designed to meet these needs. Your non-profit organization will have records available with just clicks of a mouse to satisfy the most government stringent audits. CharityTracker will help you ensure transparency within your organization.
Accessibility Equals Efficiency
All the members of your group - the volunteers, directors, hired employees and even the donors themselves can be given access to the system. From the comfort of their office, you can grant access to auditors so they can review your records. Since most non-profit organizations consist of volunteers who, in most cases, have very limited time available to spend in meetings, commuting and in discussions, with this system, they will be now able to perform much of their roles with less waste of time. The need for their physical presence is minimized.
   Product Features
IT asset tracking and inventory control
System Change management
Resource and IT staff activity tracking
Project tracking
Problem call management (Help Desk)
System enhancement request tracking
Employee Time Reporting
Server information management tracking
Vendor management and license tracking
Business Continuity (BCP) and Emergency Planning
   Minimum Server Requirements
Pentium IV with 4Gb main memory and 250 Gb of storage capacity recommended
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft .NET framework
Microsoft IIS 5.0 or Higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Access to SMTP Server
Internet Connection (at installation)
Office Web Components
   Product Demo
If you would like additional information and a demo of our flagship product, CIOAdvisorTM, please contact us for a dealer near you. In areas where we currently do not have any authorized dealers,  we will arrange to have one of our representatives visit you.