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   Our Partners in Success
Basilica Software Corporation has established partnership with the following.

Basilica Software Corporation is a partner with HP under their Developer Solution Partner Program (DSPP). In this program, HP offers the tools and services to its software development partners as its contribution towards their success.

Microsoft Corporation
This partnership provides us with assistance from Microsoft to develop our software with all the programming tools that we need including the latest Visual Studio.NET IDE, SQL Server 2005 and Windows 2003 Server.

Corestay is Basilica's reseller partner located in California authorized to market, implement and support CIOAdvisorTM in the United States. They are an established software development and marketing firm providing solutions and services to clients all across the US.

Chief Information Officers Forum, Inc.
The Chief Information Officers Forum, Inc. (CIOF) is a non-stock, non-profit organization incorporated by CIOs of different government departments and agencies with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

PathStone is a professional IT Consulting Company specializing in IT Consulting Services in Vietnam, Philippines and growing in other Asean markets. The company offers IT Risk and Security Services, Strategic Outsourcing, IT Strategy Consultancy and Advisory Services, IT Facilities Assessment, Design, Improvement Services, and IT Management System using CIOAdvisor™



   Become a Partner
Basilica Software Corporation is looking for partners and distributors of our product line. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please send an email to partners@basilicasoftware.com or contact us at 1-604-592-8338.