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Basilica Software Corporation Press Release, July 11, 2012

BC Technology Now In Vietnam

Basilica Software Corporation of Surrey, BC (Canada) today announces a major milestone in its evolution as an international software solutions company. Basilica has signed an agreement with Pathstone Company Limited of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to be the exclusive distributor of Basilica’s products in that country. Under this agreement, Pathstone will be authorized to establish its own reseller network to market and support these products.

Manny Masongsong, Chairman and CEO of Basilica Software said that this new partnership opens the door in that part of the world for this Canadian technology company. Basilica’s flagship product, CIOAdvisor is a complete IT management and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) solution that provides features normally available in multiple separate software products from various vendors. Because of its design, this web-based solution allows the entire organization, at all their locations, the ability to directly maintain information about assets, problem reports and service requests, and directly participate in emergency and disaster preparation planning. The system also maintains information about company assets, supplier transactions, licenses and agreements, IT personnel workload, projects, application systems and other data relevant to IT operation and infrastructure management. As soon as data is entered anywhere in the organization, it becomes immediately available to support personnel and for management re porting. It gives the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT managers the ability to be in total control of their IT organizations. Through its integrated application systems, database design and process automation, the system can significantly help improve operational efficiency, help companies implement highly recommended industry best practices and reduce costs. In today’s poor economy, Masongsong said that this solution offers the best alternative to traditional methods and is the model for true transparency in IT management. It is available as a licensed product and also as a cloud-based service for use by companies anywhere in the world. Basilica’s Asia Pacific office located in Manila, Philippines will be providing support as needed by Pathstone.

Masongsong and Pathstone’s Chairman and CEO, Tran Viet Hung signed the agreement on 5th July, 2012. For additional information, please visit Basilica’s website at www.basilicasoftware.com or Pathstone’s at www.pathstone.com.vn. You may also contact Basilica directly via email at info@basilicasoftware.com.

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