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   Frequently Asked Questions
What is CIOAdvisor about? What does it really do?
Can you explain all the benefits to us if we deploy this product?
Is there work-flow process automation with this system?
How can you say it will help us save cost? By how much?
What size of companies can be supported by this system?
What will be the limitations to the operation of this system?
How much does it cost?
What are the other costs associated with this product?
What is the technical environment that this system will run in?
What do we need to install this system?
What technical platform was it developed in?
What database management system does this product use?
Will we need to install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to use this product?
Can we customize this product?

How do we deploy this system – is it for use only by the IT department or can the end user use it as well?

Can we give our clients access to this system so they can request for product enhancements or report a problems with our services or products directly? Can we integrate your software as a feature of our website to allow such client access?

Can we provide group-type access, i.e., can we tailor the access rights and privileges for groups of people?
Is there an audit trail for the data that is being maintained?

Can we access this system outside of our work environment, i.e., from our homes?
How secure is this system?

I already have a fixed asset system, or a change management system or a help desk system, how can we benefit from your system without duplicating data that has already been entered?

We currently use a popular Human Resource Management system. How can we make sure that your user database contains up-to-date user information?
What’s with this "implementing best practices" using your solution?
Does this system require a full-time system administrator?
How will this system help improve our department’s auditability?
What kind of support do we get?
How much will the maintenance fee be and what does it cover?
How well do you respond to product enhancement suggestions?
How about upgrades and bug patches – are they easy to implement?
Can we request for product customization?
What are your future plans for this product?
Will you release this solution with languages other than English?

We are a small company and would like to take advantage of your product. However, our System Administrator is already extremely busy as is and we do not want to hire another person to manage this system. Do you have a service that we can subscribe to so we can manage our IT department using your product without actually hosting and administering your system at our site?
Do you have a hardware version of CIOAdvisorTM?

If this system is that good, how come we’ve never heard of it before? Who are your current users?

We are a software vendor, can we become a distributor of your product? What are the requirements?

It seems that this really is the best solution there is, bar none. Can I refer it to companies? Can I be compensated for introducing you to a client that results in a sale?

I am a CIO. It looks like this product is exactly what I need. Can you tell me who the closest reseller that I can contact to get an evaluation copy of this product?
Will we still need our CIO after we’ve installed this product?
How stable is Basilica Software Corporation?
   Ask And You Shall Receive
This page provides answers to most frequently asked questions by our clients. If you have any other questions that are not found here, you can also send an email to customer support by filling out the Quick Inquiry form. We try as much as we can to respond to all inquiries.