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   The People That Made It Happen
Manny Masongsong, President and CEO
Manny is a true IT professional with extensive background in the industry. He has worked in IT for over 30 years holding various high-level technical and management positions in some of Canada’s most significant organizations. He has traveled around the world providing training, project management and technical leadership for many companies in their systems implementation projects. As a member of the IT management team, Manny has participated in corporate strategic planning, technology evaluation projects and staff supervision. He has also participated in the development of national IT-related banking policies and standards. With his extensive experience, Manny Masongsong understands what an IT department needs to become more efficient and effective in their roles, thereby helping their business organization improve their competitiveness and operating profits. Manny’s experience and vision have given him the inspiration to establish Basilica Software Corporation, a company dedicated to helping companies worldwide effectively manage their IT assets and resources. Manny personally designed and created the specifications for CIOAdvisor®.

Anthony Suralta, Co-Founder and Technical Consultant
Anthony brings in over 20 years of software and web development experience. His wide range of experience includes developing end-to-end business solutions from integrated manufacturing systems, billing and accounting systems to e-commerce applications. His passion for emerging technology has kept him on the leading edge of software development.

Prior to joining Basilica Software, he worked as a senior programmer for Vancouver Stock Exchange in British Columbia where he helped develop and implement a market data feed system to stock brokers and financial institutions. He also helped stabilize the stock exchange public website’s performance which gets over 400000 unique visits every day. In 2000, he relocated to Seattle after he was hired as a senior web developer for Merrill Lynch. His experience in the stock exchange industry has helped him build investment advisor tools for Merrill Lynch’s corporate clients. His technical contribution to the Global Wealth Management team has earned him several achievement awards.

Anthony currently serves as a board member and technical advisor for Basilica Software Corporation. He manages the software development team. When he is not busy writing software, he enjoys travelling, playing tennis or camping out with his family anywhere in the Pacific Northwest area. He is also an avid guitar player and occasionally jams with his son Marc with his trusted ESP humbucker guitar playing hard rock tunes of AC/DC, Van Halen and GNR.

Anthony is a graduate of Systems Technology Institute in the Philippines with major in Business Systems. He has also taken advanced programming courses in British Columbia Institute of Technology. He currently lives with his family in Puyallup, WA.

Mark Masongsong, General Manager
Mark brings to Basilica extensive experience in international research, organizational management, and strategic thinking. He has worked on policy guidance for a variety of government departments, academic think-tanks and non-governmental organizations, for which he was awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002. He has developed leadership programs and taught the subject to a wide variety of groups. At Basilica Software Corporation, Mark coordinates much of the organizational issues and is in charge of strategic research. From his research and industry studies, Basilica is able to publish its White Papers and develop system management strategies for the company and its clients. He is also in charge of the development of the company's marketing plan.

Art Mendoza, CGA
Art is a member of the Certified General Accountants’ Association of British Columbia and the Certified General Accountants’ Association of Canada. He took early retirement after 27 years in the wholesale, retail, and service industry. Art has worked at various levels of administration including the senior positions of Accounting Manager and Corporate Credit Manager.

   Corporate Overview
Basilica Software Corporation is a privately owned software development firm specializing in integrated IT management solutions for all sizes of companies that believe in an organized, well structured and efficient IT operation. The company was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada in January 2004. Its head office is located in the city of Surrey, in the beautiful Canadian province of British Columbia. Basilica Software Corporation also intends to open an office in Washington State, USA in the near future.

   Where We Are Located
Surrey is within half an hour drive from the Vancouver International Airport, 45 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver, rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, 15 minutes drive from the US-Canada border and about two hours away from the world-famous Whistler Ski Resort. Tacoma is located within a one-hour drive south of the city of Seattle in Washington State.

   Corporate Headquarters
The Basilica Software
Corporate Head Office
is located at:

11749 Chatteau Wynd
Delta, BC
Canada V4E 3C9
Tel: (604) 590-4217