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   Welcome to Basilica Software Corporation
Information Technology is a powerful tool for any enterprise to use in operating its business well and to maintain its competitive edge. At the same time, technology can help businesses reduce excessive costs and exploit new opportunities. This is the reason why CIO's and IT Managers have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that they leverage on IT to bring about success for their organizations.
At Basilica Software Corporation, we recognize the significant role that the CIO's and IT Managers play in this world. By providing them with the right tools and the right information at the right time, we can help them gain the recognition as corporate heroes that they really are. If you are a Company President, a CIO or an IT Manager, please explore our website to further learn how we can help you unleash the hero in you.


   General Overview
Basilica Software Corporation is an IT solutions provider that develops and markets various software products. It also offers services related to the implementation of such products. These products are designed to allow organizations to leverage on Information Technology to be more effective and be able to operate efficiently.
If you would like additional information and a demo of our flagship product, CIOAdvisorTM, please contact us for a dealer near you. In areas where we currently do not have any authorized dealers, we will arrange to have one of our representatives visit you.